YesterdayMr. Sheng RainbowSponsored by the

Hormone seminar

I went!

In traditional Chinese medicine

Qi, blood and water

There it is

Care... That in the Western medicine

自律神経The says that

But dominating all three flow


That drugs can replenish hormones (hormone therapy)

As the risk

Being 5 times the normal risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer data are

Sheng he so much do you recommend it

Menopause is near as the drop

Decreased hormone levels

Begins, various dissonances

To replenish the hormones naturally.

Is often saidTo fall in love...Become beautiful women to fall in love with the...

In fact, hormone levels go up and recognised

It's been proven

In the morning, the night mirror"To be cleaned.And

It is so nice words aloud

It is 1-save minus the effect's own words!

Money no time

Please try!

And now

Hormones affect women's life

It will be made where?


GutIt is

The bowel is said to exit the body

To tell the truth at the entrance of the body's

Rather than being absorbed into the body stomach and bowel's

That work similar to female hormones, such as isoflavones.And

People who take plenty aware of soy milk or soy products

I think are

Isoflavones in acts like female hormones

Will changeBacteriaYou would have to gut

About half of the entire5It seems to

"I always take lots of soy milk

Feel the effect..."Just because those who

When the fungus might formed may

It is a really important organ so gut

Last heard of bacteria living and

Came out chocolate and cream puffs

Talk now

Membership-apartment restaurant in Ebisu is held in this location

Take a look at once also dishes of food!I thought

Oh that was between 2 hours

(Otsuka's beautiful but my favorite Manager)

To bring a gift of placenta

To all you guys

Sheng was launched toward the Japan brand

(Navel pokka)

The tea set was

In addition to ginger tea

And jujube sandwiched Walnut candy

Dry fruit of traditional Chinese medicine

I had a naturally sweet treats

On the origin of the nameHesopoccaThe

From the very inside and outside Japan

Warm the belly

It lives healthy and beautiful and positive day


At the end of the year

Heat Professional salon for women

It will be open

Among the oldest Chinese medicine or acupuncture and Chinese traditional beauty

Constipation from the stiff neck, pregnant life, menopause...And

Seaport care and want it

Looking forward to

Natural cotton too look at! We provide assistance in

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