Flying not considered meat slim

From next week and in the spring near nod that I'll be back

When he took off the jacket

All the meat of the BRA

Meat around the waist

Are you sure you are?

After becoming a scantily-clad

Before you got to change

Intensive 2 course in

Round shape will think!

Leave the aging signs

Upper arms, back, stomach

CABI for slimming and

Acquires CABI for your face

Never your face! It is a set

Get skinny face, 3 kg

Twice, ¥ 26,000 (tax included)
Single ¥ 13,000 is

All flesh shapes the challenge from now on flying

Click here for reservations

Add your friends at 15% off
Visit each point!!!
(Not considered meat shape face DIET are ineligible for discount)