Gati fasting

From the end of the year I hoarder

WasteCome spring we'd like 1 time!

This summerWhite skinny to wear!

What is mean

This timingFastingI will

Only weight fasting

Many people believe should be


It is a by-product

The maximum of fasting

Body resetTo be

By increasing the metabolic enzymes

Effects of supplements and beauty essence

10Different times

Absent from any digestive

Enzymes however continue to charge anywhere, so

Sure 痩semasu

ButSkin and healthAlso

GoodThat's right

Since this morning I

In the fast water

Herbtheim ginger

Put the drink

It's plain delicious

Another third

Hotel very hungry

Lunch is going to Cobo paste

Tomorrow again one day in preparing food

Day after tomorrow from 3 days gatifasting

So not absolute

Is near the toilet

Hey trouble is

Take out bad ones-And


When I'm hungry

I melted my fat-And


I enjoy the effort for 7 days