10Years after my

10Years after their

Have you imagined?

But 10 years ago it you know?

I did the 40-year-old 10 years ago

Around independently and then opened a salon, 3 years

Was appalled by the recent passport photos see

"Anyone? This lady... "

It is 10 years ago was surprised

Was now more fearful older

Wrinkles and there is not a

10Two years ago, now face square

Around the eyes, around the mouth.

Was a triangular eyes

I started drinking placenta


I began drinking a

I didn't feel how dramatic the changes visible

Oh yes I like

Think again... kinda like that

I had been brought up in the body and

Aging is the hair growth rateSimilar to the

I always think

But surely increasing every day

Don't know the difference between yesterday and today

It is also a rejuvenation speed

A placenta and esthetics


Sales, celebrates its fourth year


And beauty professionals

The owner of a beauty salon the

Resonate, has been introducing me to is (thank you)

Even if you know no matter how good your body and beauty

Difficulties continue to drink and

That the absorption is more important than the naming

I think that you understand

10Years after

Well, would rejuvenate now

Try to imagine

Today I made myself tomorrow

10Years after I made myself today

Now as fast as


Go to where you want to go

Eat what you wantYou want to keep it?

Not only meets the stomach

What cells are also firmly

Please give

PlacentaThe life itself

10Years later for

Why not!?

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