Will expire in 3 days

New year's can

Was the beginning of a middle-aged...

Rai of 00 CM

SuzanI suppose

In the chill of the day

And refrain from going out

Knowing what you eat without knowing

Seasoning becomes denser and more

As to avoid middle-aged

During bath time

Take a look at body Try checking.

Upper armsThe

Check from the side, bend the elbow than seen from the front

Is stubborn and stuck here again

And suddenly my aunt feeling UP the

Take a look at skinny back and arm parts is recommended

Say the followingAround her waist

SolidWhite lard ringBut do not stick?

Where is the neutral fat and visceral fat

Is a den

Stomach and natural are understandably

The meat around the waist


20Did not exist when I was a teenLegacy

With aging and metabolism will get meat

The enshrined here

Also round up and let thin piece around the

New year's weight reset course

-Skinny facial 60 min

CABI for slimming 60 minutes

120Minutes x 2 times

20,000 yen(Yen per 10000! )

Click here for course details

131Up for sale is

Reservations2End of the monthUp and we

But the date is not fixed

Want to minimize, and bargain!

So by credit card as well.

You need only purchase is also possible

Only buy a book, Untitled

Click here forInfo@n-cotton.com

Email notice visit is possible settlement

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By all meansPochi ↓Please