Flu prevention

48Buri big chill this year

Pandemic flu

Looking at the train just cough

I to want to stop will

To prevent flu and colds

Play the role of the inner mask

PropolisAre you?

As for propolis

The first image is effective in cancer

From the familiar colds and the flu

Canker sores to King.

Can you demonstrate

This reference page

Yesterday from my husband

A slight coldAnd so bring propolis

Drink before going to bed and said is (it only 2 drops)

3When you awake

I have completely healed

Because the virus is still lurking

Mix 2 drops of tea morning by two people, has been drinking

2And pollen flies from the Moon

Hay also start from now on

It is a good

The life sciences PRI Poli Scotch

Just mix drinks just two drops with a dropper

Please do take a look at propolis debut.

Propolis Scotch, click here.