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Beautiful love womenFor travelers

ER try medical

New appearance

ER try medical coursesAnd,

Pores, dullness, acne scars and skin gritty your done with

In the conception of medical products (ER try)

I vineAnd get one

Makes skin course

Treatment flow

After cleansing

With a peeling agent

Neutralizes the skin surface

How to dry is terrible

Damage, including sunburn is more

How to do rough skin


Then leaning alkali peeling skin

With amino acid

At this point

Pore-less skinThe fully furnished

Gritty, prone to rashesI vineAnd


Taking a patent:

The O2 Pack

Usually O2 Pack does not face to face

But the fire on the outside

Trapped carbon dioxide on the contact surface of the skin

Skin cellsPlenty of oxygen supplyThat can be

And the substances in the cell by the self-support power

See the pores in dramatic


Peron and dislodged and stuck

Born slammed the transparency from the skin

Human stem cell culture medium, FGF in the last,The EGF

Danaher introduction

This course is

Not the décolletage care with massage

The only skin care

ER try medical courses

50-¥ 8640

ER try peels
Option ¥ 3,500

ER try medical O2 Pack
Option ¥ 4,000

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