Glowing beauty Shanghai II.

Will the sequel to yesterday

After the overlay clinic

396I asked Salon beauty manufacturing Research Institute

396It's like this popular street

There seems to be 1 shop

Young owner got in

The other three branches come in the apartment Salon

All visitors are Wechat(Chinese edition Line)

Because the owner's aunt is a doctor

Beauty and health care, cosmetic, nail, macek

Salon has to offer will be

This day is mayu's owner

Not going to mansion

I heard there

Mansion Este me so

Very interested in inquiring

Together with Dr. aunt customers

We had looked at treatment experience

Model I's scalp is crazy because it was hard to

Brought from Japan

Made from warm at temperature, loosen the

Model I, wichat posted in real time

China wechat society.

Is a smaller original face

Visit our young operated on part of the jaw on the left side

Always on the left side right down the left and right so distorted

Chin correction to maintain even a little stretch

Your suggestions.

After this is mayu's owner

Us experience the treatment

Bandages and face the uke has had

Malley says

In Japan, too good


Darrenogaret baby looks like at

Is a hotshot young, 4 restaurants

We provide a meal

Like this awesome recipe for success--and

I think

But time did not speak slowly.

Take a look at next time more things to tell you.