Entrance of the body's intestines

At the entrance of the body is a mouthRight?


I will be

At the entrance of the body's bowel truthWhat is

Gut's exitThe images are

With the contents of the absorption in the intestine

No exaggeration that is human made.

The mouth is only way

At the entrance of the intestine and is

The result of treatments or diet

Individual's status of intestinal environmentTo be

(1) who ate of the 90% who are absorbed in the intestines
(2) their gut is 8% of the 80% body immunity
(3) Elimination of toxic substances 70% 7% takes place in the gut
(4) emitted when serotonin is emanating from the intestines

I'm terrible's gut.

(4) the serotoninAnd is commonly known as happy hormonesKnown as

Soften Gravidarum during pregnancy

Once gently to veryAn important hormoneIt is

The character Bowser's ugly gut

It is said that

And be full of bad bacteria intestine

Resentment motivating

Without meaning, or negative.

Will dark complexion

Rot that ate bad bacteriaAnd indigestion

It is an annoying fungus

Then eat a lot of yogurt?

To avoid constipation with laxatives?

In the thing

Not reduce the

The most effective bad bacteria in food

Fermented foodsIt is

Fermented foodsAndRotting foodThe

In fact that is the same as

About fungi

To change to something totally differentIs good for the human body


What harm

Corruption is

Even the natural cotton

We are introducing the bowel in keasobriment

Kobayashi Hiroshi Yuki constipation outpatient supervised

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It is

But as an aside

Types of intestinal flora

Age 10 months

It is determined

Baby will have anything in the mouth.

That is to bacteria by instinct

Seems like pretty baby survival Act

There are many MOM now uses like antibacterial, bacteria from the

In the process the baby is growing up

Bacteria begin to encounter many too

Increase allergy symptoms

Increasingly vulnerable to virus child

The idea seems

But my germs plenty of things

Is the mouth of unbearable


Age 10 months

ZooTo take it is good to go.

Well there is sucking air

Seems to have many biological organisms


Stroll through the

The 反remashita story

Talk about until now had seemed to

Waste in digestive enzymesBut that does not

Whole body anti-aging or

So is that lead to health

Not burden the digestive

Fermented foods

Anti aging and health

Makes the perfect food


Well in factEnzyme drinksIt is

Just lose the next time it is wasted

Charm of the enzyme drink

We will tell you.