Enzyme nutrition-physiological rhythms in one day

YesterdayMetabolic enzymes and digestion

Talking to the

Enzymes in the bodyTurnovers are required

Basal metabolic rate




Nail every cell metabolism

Because you're

As possibleDigestionOn using enzymes

Let's turn the enzyme in metabolism.

It was said that

In Enzymology


Health theory

In the humanSuitable for metabolism and digestion timeTheory is that it is

412 hours from:The

Detox timeIt is

One Toxin

It is time to encourage excretion

This time zone

DietOr alcohol.Is another

In the nutrition

Morning eat solid food

That has been said

In Enzymology

Morning smoothie or fruit is OK

And it follows that

And diet books

18Time diet

In the same theory

Suddenly raised blood sugar levelsAnd

There is a lot of insulin

Also decreases blood sugar levels excessively

And lunch also suddenly raised blood sugar levelsGo down

The repetition

Consume large quantities of enzymes

So things in the morning in the digestion does not burden the

Should be entered without blood sugar slowly and take lunch.

And complete all the excrement until the day before in this

Enters the burning more and more so-called metabolic activities

12Am to 20 pmUntil the

Delicious lunchEven 3 o'clock snack is OK

And20From: 4.Until the

Time for absorption and metabolism

In beautyGolden timeIt comes to

Indeed customers out in the 50s men

It does not move just three weeks

With just this5Thin kIs a Japanese

Without rebound

Well wake up

Energy is a very

He told me

The horse placenta and continue drinking half a year

It didn't feel good effect is

From the enzymatic studies life rhythm

From the moment I drank 朝馬 placenta

It was tangible feels vigour was injected

Blood sugar levels are falling

Body temperature also rises

Less tired out shiny and firm skin

I was young at work

It was said to be

Also lost weight fast

Maybe it's because the metabolic effects of horse placenta demonstrated

Because until now was using the enzyme only in the digestive

It had fallen even absorption of supplements

From this year end and new year holidays

Increases the chance of gluttony

Not to worry too much about

We take a look at

Please take the enzymatic studies life rhythm.

Talk about the relation between metabolism and intestinal tomorrow.