As enzymes or what?

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By estepro-Bo

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When compared to the body building

CarpenterThe role play

Also garnering very good materials

Homes are not built to

Without the enzyme

It does not consist of

To digest steak 1

It takes hundreds of years without the enzyme

Originally inherent in our body's enzymes

That is the

Their number and type is individual differences

To determine it

During pregnancyWhat was eating MOMWhat seems to

This is kinda shock

What mother ate

And had the advantage...

Of course being born again

You can also supplement the enzymes from food

Check the enzyme deficiency

□ easy to get tired, lazy

□ heavy head have a headache.

□ include stiff neck, low back pain

□ do not motivate

□ flights and fart smells

□ prone to constipation or diarrhea

□ get cold hands and feet

□ get sleepy after eating

□ skin irritation, itching in the skin

Check more

Enzyme is missing

Enzymes are broadly


Metabolic enzymesAnd

Digestive enzymes

The idealMetabolic 80: digestion 20

It is.

MostUsed in digestionThere is more

By that

You whole body metabolism

It has become unavailable

Thin to rebound soon

Cannot be tired

Just catch a cold

Supplement room

Poor skin tone

The older, more

There are white-haired


Do not use metabolic enzymes

Fall into the so-called aging and immune deficiency

So this time schedule

Little aware about?

Water only in the morning no heat treatment, such as fruit and Smoothie

Replace the enzyme drink

From noon until 8 o'clock at night

Usually eat food

8Fast until the next morning at 4 a.m.

Or what time schedule

Also tomorrow will tell you