fast face operation to e-Este planning Christmas

e-Este planning

Fast face blitz by Christmas

is the Editorial Office found the e-Este.

Christmas until just after one month now.
Take time to prepare or think people know a lot, but
Don't forget your beauty shine!

So we face troubles there, but
While we "want to change the looks anyway! "Say, for those who
Immediate sagging picked RID Salon.

Since becoming e-Este limited price
Take this opportunity to visit us at.

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ = 398

[First limited price]
Skinny facial lymph DETOX
Regular price 13,390Circle
-> 10000 Yen

Waste products accumulated around the face, water, CORI
That bled bled off the sink!

And swelling of the eyes
-Nasolabial folds
• Double Chin
And sagging of the cheek
And neck wrinkles
-Face line dubock
At least one person take a look at!

Only-2 cm at one time! -5 years old!

☆ ★ treatment contents ☆ ★

Scapula, shoulder and neck tension release
Neck and shoulder CABI for
Your face CABI for
Intense lymphatic massage
Fixed mask
Scalp massage

1Six times comes to ¥ 9,500 course(¥ 57,000)Also there
First-time users ¥ 10,000To be

To newsletter members a special discount coupon delivery. ^ 0 ^
Please take a look at registered Salon homepage

* We will not accept "e-Este credit card'. Credit card is available in the salon, because credit card if you would like to pay directly at the Salon please.

Winter scarf or turtleneck.

In the items that wrap around your face

In the summer your face looks bigger

Take a look at that face blitz! Find a challenge.'s book