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ER メディカルピーリング

Pores / CMI / After the tanning / / Acne scars / Red-faced / Skin bumps, gritty in toward your worries

And the ErtrHuman stem cell culture mediumThe stands will beClinic design productsThrough the neutralization of the skin (peeling) in a short period of time, and used to introduce human stem cell culture medium after a patent application for a PackSkin regeneration courseIt is.

Had to give up acne scars and skin irregularities, cheek pouchesIn the self-support power UPBubble with smooth skin...

Do not massage and décolletage care for this course.



Dullness / Pores / Shine / Wrinkles / Slack / Acne / Red-faced / 乾燥 / By skin problems to the troubles

Buzz beauty ingredientsCultured City (umbilical cord)ToGrowth factors EGF, FGF, human adipose stem cell culture mediumAnd poration introduce to the DermIS layerSkin regeneration courseIt is.

2Times, and received in the meantimeCity capsulesを1か月お摂り頂き内側から肌代謝を促す美白コースです

Never ever felt a sense of transparency and pore-free experience.


Pores / シミ / 顔の歪み/ 小顔 / /美白/ ニキビ痕 /肌の凸凹、ザラザラ でお悩みの方へ

ERtryを使ったメディカルピーリングで 肌に負担をかけず洗顔で落ちないザラザラ、ゴワゴワの角質を剥がし透明感のあるツルツル肌に整えた後、クリニック仕様のプロダクツ特許申請された炭酸パックを行い、ヒト幹細胞培養液をEMSポーレーション導入します。整美顔(小顔矯正)で顔の歪み、たるみを整え 遠赤バンテージでお顔を巻き上げ リフト効果を高める毛穴と小顔が一度に叶うコースIt is.

[10-5-limited] skin regeneration herbpea ring
This is the point!
From * courses closed after 1 week
The introduction of placenta solution with a high concentration of vitamin C (25%).

The price varies with the amount of herb powder.
We accept inquiries from our reservation regarding the number of grams.

Also just FYI in, in 1 or 2 g lift sense of feel.

How to dull & comes to mind / For sensitive skin / How to downlaod

Above pores / シミ / Skin Whitening

Above wrinkles / Slack

Above acne / Acne scars