Cosmetic acupuncture collaboration menu

Cosmetic acupuncture collaboration menu
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It is shedding the meat with Dubbo's face, neck, shoulders, face line cavitation beauty & cosmetic acupuncture a set course.

Age spots, and color is swings to clear city broths Danaher introduction to esthetic and cosmetic acupuncture a course.

It is a set and pore cleansing with ultrasound ion, 5% high concentration vitamin c Danaher introduction to esthetic and cosmetic acupuncture course.

* Cosmetic acupuncture in the course here is will be responsible for original hemp Yuko Sensei.

♦ in 1995, joining major beauty salons
He joined the first year Rookie of the year award, won the technical Prize next year. In his second year at 全国1 # repeat the lower store then became a Manager. Winning would be followed by sangenjaya, futako-Tamagawa, Yokohama and Shibuya store manager, store manager Award twice. Technical assistance to development of rookie Manager and area manager.

♦ in 2000, worked in beauty salons "from the inner beauty and health wanted to do" know "the importance of food" and turned on the food & beverage industry. World of food to stuck gastronomic pilgrimage

♦ opened mishuku private salons, holistic beauty salon cocon (Koh Kong), 2004, focusing on the inner core.
Later that year, while Oriental acupuncture specialist schools acupuncture massage massage Department entrance Salon Management begins to study acupuncture.

♦ 2005 Ebisu Hiro acupuncture Osteopathic Academy worked for a start-up staff of cosmetic acupuncture course

♦ Awards in 2007 Oriental acupuncture professional school graduates graduation out of 120 people in the national technology award.
Acupuncture last 33 years after graduating from inherited from her mother, and second acupuncture treatment hospital clinic Director.

Client is 2 generations, backed by 3 generations and continue families or entertainers, sumo wrestler, businessman, doctor, University Professor and a wide range of people, making treatment more than 10000 people total in 23 years. That was based on preventive medicine and cell regeneration technique currently cocon original cosmetic acupuncture, body acupuncture and moxibustion therapy please do call treatment referral only.