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Natural cotton flat-Este

Is a very popular course is supported by our salon customers 7% of customers.
Following estecose and supplements can choose every month.

Choose from the following courses
Flat-rate system trial

We consume supplements before the course like, facial, body or choose a course, try it.

* Is only your first online course.
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¥ 8000

Prasad lift course (lift skin)

Pharmaceutical companyPlacenta mediumAndHuman adipose stem cell culture mediumDanaher introduced, tightens the muscles of the face in the EMS.
Skin face lift massage tight further.

¥ 13000 / Moon

Flat-rate system courses (what you want to do customization)

-Systemic CABI for slimming / 120 × 1 / Moon
-CABI for slimming 60 min x 2 times / Moon
-Select weight loss 60 minutes Prasad lift course 1 / Moon
Prasad lift course twice / Moon

Choose monthly or from.
¥ 19800 / Moon

Payment from the credit card or account, monthly 27 charged will be.
6More than a monthHow to offer ongoing guidance only.