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Small facial and slimming menu
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You can expect the effect face lift / 小顔 / Thin face / Body size
Face and body you want to Detox! Want to lose! It is... perfect for those courses.
Stiff neck and back pain and leg swelling and also is effective. By body size and shape.
★ with CABI for slimming your face and body

[Mar-10-limited] all flesh shapes face Diet
You can expect effective arm slimming / The jacket / Hungry shapes / Thin face / 小顔
Arm, back or stomach with CABI for slimming and 3D deep lymph (superficial lymphatic, deep lymph and bone Lymphoma), massage.
Your face will be highly concentrated oxygen face Diet. (Face, arms, back or stomach CABI for slimming with)

[Mar-10-limited] face cellulite Diet

Can expect lower body effect cellulite removal / Swelling / Slimming / 小顔 / Lift
• Slimming CABI for is 2 much choice from the lower body.
Back thigh / Anterior thigh / Calf / Your butt

3To whittle at D deep lymphatic DETOX and eliminate cellulite the CABI for your face.


Birthday... year's special day is.
Congratulations, you are born this year year-beautiful, healthy, we want, special courses are offered.

通常¥29200のコースを、¥10800In an authorised.
☆ lower or upper CABI for slimming
☆ your face of CABI for
Is rich menu in the menu above.

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